Use this page to request instruction from a librarian in one of the library labs, or to reserve one of the library labs for a class session. To book a class with a librarian outside of the library, use the On/Off-Campus Classroom or Online Instruction Request form. The labs cannot be booked for recurring classes. Note that the room availability on this form does not reflect the availability of the librarians, so your request will not be final until it is approved by a librarian. 

In the table below, select the desired date of your class to see the availability. Any time slots that are green are available to be requested. Select as many consecutive time slots as you need to cover the time of your class.

Note: Due to irregular class times, some time slots that appear as unavailable may not be in use for the full 30 minutes, so if your class overlaps with an unavailable time slot check with a librarian (410-617-6802 or to determine if your class actually conflicts with the lab's availability. For example, if you have a class that goes until 12:05pm and the lab is already booked from 12-12:30, most likely the class occurring in the 12-12:30 time slot does not actually start until 12:15 or 12:20, so there is no actual conflict.